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Michael Lin

  • Studied Feng Shui 10+ years

  • Is passionate in helping others learn and apply Feng Shui to  their lives to improve healthy well being

Ask him about:

  • Child(ren) academics

  • Family harmony

  • Physical and mental health

  • And many more!

Aug 15, 2021

10:30 am


Join our Feng Shui Seminar on Zoom!


Lecture Duration: 45 mins

Q&A: 20 mins 

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家居的风水对我们的运势好坏有重要的影响。房屋犹如人体,室内功能区一如人体各个器官。如何平衡大门、卧室、厨房、书房、客厅的气流,营造一个元气丰盈的家居?本讲座会分两期教大家如何通过色彩、空間、傢俱和裝飾的恰当设置, 帮助居住者正能量的增长,身心愉快

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Disclaimer: Seminar content does not imply The Healthy Mind’s endorsement or support. Seminar content is solely from the lecturer's personal knowledge, experiences, or judgement. They are presented without any representation, guarantee or warranty whatsoever regarding the accuracy, relevance or completeness. They also do not represent the views and position of The Healthy Minds.

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